We all have it: leftover chicken. Not enough to feed the masses, but enough when flushed out with some additional ingredients to make a yummy lunch for one or two. I have a thing for dill so I try to keep it in the fridge, but anything green will do—I’ve even used chopped arugula.

Caper Dill Chicken Salad

Leftover chopped chicken

1 Tablespoon chopped capers

3 tablespoons of Mayo

dash of dijon mustard

Chopped dill

Salt & Pepper to taste

Slice Tomatoes , arrange on plate with sliced avocado and sprinkle with salt—place chicken salad on top and enjoy!

*** Like most things I make this is really very flexible. You can add cornichons , diced preserved lemons or olives depending on what is lurking in your fridge.