This is one of those wonderfully versatile recipes- it works with whatever happens to be in your fridge. It works equally well with firm tofu, ground chicken or ground pork. Feel free to swap in any veggies that you have. Serves 2 -4 people depending on hunger level. The cooking time is rather quick so it’s wonderful for a quick dinner after all your evening chores are done.

1/2 Package Rice Noodles – I prefer the thin noodles

1 Package Ground Turkey

1 Cup Diced Zuchini

1/2 Cup Fresh corn

1 bunch scallions

4 tablespoons chili garlic sauce-  Huy Fong can be found in most markets- Has a Rooster on the package – if you want less heat add 3 tablespoons.

2 eggs

Olive oil

1 Tablespoon soy sauce

1 tspn salt

1/2 cup chopped peanuts garnish

1/2 cup chopped basil and cilantro mixed

Chop you veggies into bite  size pieces. Trim the ends of the scallions cut in half length wise and cut into 3 inch pieces. In a small bowl scramble the two eggs set aside.  Begin to cook noodles according to package. In a large sauté pan heat over med high heat- add a tablespoon of oil and turkey- add salt and soy sauce and break the turkey up as it cooks. When the turkey is cooked all the way through put into a bowl. Bring Pan back up to heat and add another tspn of oil and add veggies- season with a couple pinches of salt and cook until just slightly cooked – add to bowl with turkey.

About this point your noodles should be ready drain and set aside. Return pan to medium heat add a teaspoon of oil and add scallions , add chile garlic sauce and sauté for 30 secs, in the pan move the scallions to the side and add egg and lightly scramble , mix into scallion mixture, add turkey, veggies and noodles mix everything together. Remove from heat. Serve on a large platter garnish with peanuts and herbs and serve with wedges of lemons or limes. Excellent with an ice cold beverage.