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Chicken Scarpariello with Sausage

Chicken Scarpariello is a classic Italian dish which I’ve changed and adapted to my taste. I love the lemony brightness with richness of the thighs and the sausage.

I used to have this at one of my favorite restaurants on the UES and we would devour it. The version they made was bone in and roasted. This is a simplified recipe you can make on the stove top and is ready in ½ the time.

6 boneless skinless chicken thighs

4 tablespoons all purpose flour



1 sweet sausage cut in 1/3

1 hot sausage cut into 1/3

1 lemon

1 cup chicken stock

4 cloves whole garlic

Dredge Chicken in seasoned flour. In a deep saute pan over medium heat add oil add sausage , chicken and garlic cloves. Let Brown on both sides. Add 1 cup stock & juice of a lemon. Simmer until sauce reduces.

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