I hold onto everything. When Gourmet closed it was heartbreaking, so I kept every copy I could lay my hands on. Flipping through a pile of Gourmet magazines in the basement ( I spend a bit too much time down there)  I was struck with how beautiful the covers were. Framed those babies, and they now grace my pantry in the country. They make me happy whenever I see them.

“Waste not want not” was my Grandmother’s mantra. It really stuck with me. You know those collections of remnant fabrics and wallpaper you have lying around like the ghosts of projects past? I have become very attached to these various items—I did spend time sourcing them, and I love them each in their own way, even if initially they were not quite right for the task at hand. (Kinda like that old boyfriend whom you outgrew, but still think fondly of.)

Well, it’s time to turn them into something new. With very little effort you get a ton of bang and the best part—you already have the materials!


I spent a bit on the paper for our dressing room—I love all things Thibaut.  Anyway, there was some left over and I could not bring myself to chuck it. So it has loitered in my son’s closest until…


Bang ! A whole new look for that antique secretary. This piece lives in my dining room/ kitchen area in the country & is just great for housing just about everything: cookbooks, the bar, linens, dog food—you name it.

NYC has also fallen to the remnant craze – the very bland bookcases in the dining room in our rental there got a bit of flair.


My rule of thumb is to use wallpaper glue; unless we are talking about the Greats pieces of furniture, then use double sided tape so as to not offend or destroy.


You know you have it… that drawer of samples or piles you bought of fabrics. I spent hours going through fabrics for our blue & white family room. What to do, what to do – what about a crazy mish-mash of pillows using those samples? Order some cheap trim from some great sites (for trim I really like – warehousefabricinc.com , fashoinfabricclub.com or shopthethirdfloor.com.) Voila! Something fun, & a fabulous reading nook for the kiddos.