I’ll be honest- I compulsively collect tableware and silver and knick knacks etc. I can spend hours in thrift shops and yard sales.  I also, have been lucky enough to have a fair number of pieces that I have been given by various family members. All of these things hold memories of different people and different points in my life. When I had children I squirreled them in various cabinets and drawers concerned that would be trashed by small hands. Anyway, this whole trove of memories only came out during the holidays, until one day I realized this was insane. So I started incorporating themRead More →

I love setting tables. It’s the frustrated artist in me coming out. I start with a color scheme and go from there. I like to mix the everyday with the special pieces and add layers to make the table fun. Remember – the food is King – but sitting at a well-laid table really adds the perfect touch. Incorporating decorative accents from around the house and whatever looks bright & cheery in fruit and vegetable department creates a beautiful and unique table design. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh flowers, but I’m usually running around like a crazy person so getting to the storeRead More →

Painting is a great way to scratch that design itch. Within hours of that eureka moment you can have a completely different look somewhere in your home. A few easy steps will get you a fresh new feel. Painter’s Tape is the key to a clean professional look—a complete pain in the ass, but worth all of the work. Over spring break I could not bear the abysmal condition of our front porch. It had been painted a drab prison grey by the former owner and large swaths of paint were missing and the front door was a gritty white. I’m into instant gratification andRead More →

I hold onto everything. When Gourmet closed it was heartbreaking, so I kept every copy I could lay my hands on. Flipping through a pile of Gourmet magazines in the basement ( I spend a bit too much time down there)  I was struck with how beautiful the covers were. Framed those babies, and they now grace my pantry in the country. They make me happy whenever I see them. “Waste not want not” was my Grandmother’s mantra. It really stuck with me. You know those collections of remnant fabrics and wallpaper you have lying around like the ghosts of projects past? I have becomeRead More →