I love setting tables. It’s the frustrated artist in me coming out. I start with a color scheme and go from there. I like to mix the everyday with the special pieces and add layers to make the table fun. Remember – the food is King – but sitting at a well-laid table really adds the perfect touch.

Incorporating decorative accents from around the house and whatever looks bright & cheery in fruit and vegetable department creates a beautiful and unique table design. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh flowers, but I’m usually running around like a crazy person so getting to the store for flowers can be a bit tricky. Flowers make an appearance in the summer when I can whisk outside to cut something fresh.

These are a couple of examples of table settings which all use the same base – my everyday white plates, napkins and cutlery. When having a grown-up dinner or event, I like to use tablecloths – they seem to make everything special.

Find a color scheme you like. We all have our fave colors which we tend to pick over and over- for me, it’s blue and green. So naturally I have a lot of those colors around my house. Here I just kept layering it on.  I repurposed my foo dogs and for a pop of color – piled up clementines and orange cherry tomatoes. This table is a real mix of vintage pieces and the everyday.



There is something inherently elegant and chic about an all-white table. Here in lieu of veggies or flowers, I used glass decanters as a runner down the middle of table. If you don’t have decanters you could use glass vases or bowls. I mixed in crystal candlesticks as well. The sheer white table cloth with a design overlay (vintage awesomeness by way of my Mother in Law) gave an interesting kick to the background. I added textured white plates on top of the everyday dinner plates to create a bit of texture and the look was complete.





As a self admitted color junkie, I love table settings that pop. I love to use plates and linens which really let each color show off. There is something so delightfully cheery about yellow and green together. The Avocado Topiaries (Avocados piled on top of candlestick- this trick works with all types of candlesticks and produce) would make anyone smile and my pots of herbs from the kitchen added a bit of greenery. I try to have varying heights so layering up the pots made for a bit more interest. The Lettuce plates were a gift from my grandmother so they make me smile whenever I see them.



Setting the table for a party is fun & remember there are absolutely no wrong answers. Just go with what you like and it will be divine… I promise!