I’ll be honest- I compulsively collect tableware and silver and knick knacks etc. I can spend hours in thrift shops and yard sales.  I also, have been lucky enough to have a fair number of pieces that I have been given by various family members.

All of these things hold memories of different people and different points in my life. When I had children I squirreled them in various cabinets and drawers concerned that would be trashed by small hands. Anyway, this whole trove of memories only came out during the holidays, until one day I realized this was insane. So I started incorporating them around my home and guess what? It was awesome.

The pieces which are more fragile went on higher perches and the sturdier items are within the kiddos grasp. All of these memories have brought a wonderful fullness to our home and I have constant reminders of all of those people and times.

I love these small Royal Derby trinket boxes which reside atop a tall piece in the living room.

Silver platters are wonderful forl containing the spread and these various small vases etc are great for holding markers , pencils and crayons. The pads of paper fit perfectly under this footed tray. I love how fruit looks in the various crystal and china bowls and makes it easy for the kiddos to grab a healthy snack.

I love Cabbage Plates and these Dodie Thayer plates from my grandmother hold a special place in my heart. Let’s be honest there was no way I was going to serve food on them- so out of the closest and up an on the wall.