IMG_3264I love to have loads of fruit around the house. It’s a great self-serve snack for the kids and it’s also visually great. As we all know when you have kiddos your ability to entertain beyond paper plates can be a challenge, so I like to incorporate my better serving pieces into the everyday rotation.  Not only does it make even the humble apple seem like something special , but it’s fun for your children to be around beautiful things.  I use this silver tiered server for fruit, cupcakes at parties , you name it. The cake tray came from the clearance bin after Easter.


We all have those little things we collect. One of my daughters is a superior beach glass hunter. No matter the time of year, she always comes back from the beach with pockets full of shells & beach glass , which are scattered throughout the house. I love how these work in the entryway mixed in with various items.



I buy cake plates, tiered servers , bowls, small vases, etc. wherever I can find them—thrift stores, online, yard sales. As far as I’m concerned you can’t have enough of these little accents. So scour your local thrift stores and set these little vignettes throughout your home. What makes all of this fun is to mix in your more expensive pieces with the everyday. It’s just like mixing real and costume jewelry when you go out—they compliment each other, you look great, and no one is the wiser.