I swear byIMG_2987 soup. Every person in the world likes soup and we all have our own variations. I understand in the crazy world we live in that you have to find short cuts just to fit everything in that you need to do — one place, though, where it’s worth the effort, is with home-made chicken stock. Satisfying to make and worth the minimal effort. It is literally liquid gold in your freezer and will serve as the canvas for a million varieties of soup as well as a generally good thing to have in your arsenal.

Chicken Stock

I Bird, whole or cut up — I also put all of my chicken scraps into a bag in the freezer (i.e. wings back bones, etc.)

3 ribs of Celery

2 Large Carrots

I yellow onion, cut in half, skin left on

2 cloves of garlic, skin on

5 peppercorns

Place all the ingredients in a stock pot, cover with water—I generally cover it several inches above the bird—and bring to a simmer. Cook for about 1 hour. Let cool, strain through a strainer lined with paper towels and distribute into a variety of sizes of plastic containers and freeze.

I Feel Like Death soup

I crave soup when I feel under the weather and without fail this combo always perks me up

1 quart chicken stock

chopped greens (such as kale or chard)

2 large carrots, sliced

diced chicken

chopped radishes (trust me)

1 tsp salt

sliced avocado

Bring chicken stock to a simmer, add greens, carrots & radishes to stock and cover. Let simmer covered for about 10 minutes—the greens should have wilted and the veggies softened—add chicken to warm through. Garnish with sliced avocado and a couple of turns of black pepper.

** The ingredients are really flexible—just work with what you have in your fridge. I love to add frozen corn, peas, really any type of green—in a pinch I will use Arugula. Also, lime juice is a nice add as well as grated ginger and/or garlic.