This is a wonderfully simple slow and low Pork dish that makes for some mind blowing tacos. I prefer to use the small corn tortillas since the corn flavor works beautifully with the pork. As far as toppings its really up to you. I’ve always been a fan of black beans and they pair well with pork, but again Tacos are personal. I do recommend making the pickled onions as its a great recipe to have and holds well in the fridge .   3 lb Pork sirloin or boneless pork shoulder * 1 bottle ginger beer 1 orange cut in half 1 yellow onionRead More →

I love side dishes. Many times they are the favorite part of the meal for me. The great thing is that if you double the portions a heartier side can become the star of its very own meal. This recipe can be served as one dish – which makes for a wonderful vegetarian and vegan meal or keep the squash and beans separate and you have two lovely sides that work beautifully with Roasted Chicken. Either way it certainly gives you options. Roasted Spaghetti Squash w White Beans and Tomatillas   I Spaghetti Squash cut in half and cleaned out 1 can small white beansRead More →

Life is crazy hectic and many times complicated, which is why I find so much pleasure in simple easy food. Food that is based on a handful of ingredients and is brought into it’s own usually with a long period of slow cooking. These recipes fill your home with a comforting smell that brings a calmness to everyone – even the most wild child. I like the frugality of these recipes as well. How very little expense can feed a crowd .They would also, be lovely for a casual gathering flushed out by some beautiful cheeses and a crusty loaf of bread, perhaps a greenRead More →

This is one of my kiddos favorite dishes. Country Captain is a Southern Classic and there are a million different versions- this is my riff on it. It’s great for a make ahead dinner since its cooks for a bit and can be re-heated easily. Country Captain is also, a great way to introduce your children to curry. Serve on a Bed of Rice to catch all of the flavors and a Big Green Salad.   Serves 6 1 Chicken cut into 8 parts 1 package of chicken legs of thighs bone in 4 strips bacon diced 1 medium white onion diced 1 Red BellRead More →

By the end of the week my fridge is a hodge podge of the weeks various meals. I love this breakfast in that it uses up all of those odds and ends in the best way. There are no wrong answers here. You would be hard pressed to find a veggie that does not work. ┬áThis dish is just as yummy hot out of the oven or room temperature , which is ideal for those lazy weekend mornings when everyone is moving to their own tempo.   Saturday Morning Eggs   1 small yellow onion diced 3 scallions trimmed and diced 1 cup cooked potatoesRead More →

Do you ever have those nights that even though you went out and ate your still peckish or even starving when you get home. I find this to be particularly true when I’ve been to a couple of cocktail parties and dinner amounts to grazing on a cheese platter or crudite. So the first thing I do after sending the babysitter on their way is to hit the fridge and see what late night yumminess I can whip up. This is where leftovers and pantry staples really shine. This recipe was the result of such a night a couple of weeks ago. Quesadillas are everyone’sRead More →

I love Artichokes and this recipe is a great way to elevate them to a full blown meal. ┬áThis recipe is strictly veggies, but you could easily add some sausage or prosciutto. This is equally wonderful straight out of the oven or room temperature.Read More →

This is soul warming food . I used the Arepa in lieu of the traditional Buns since I could’t find any. Pomegranate Molasses is a pantry staple in my house. Find some buy it and love it. I used the Pickled Watermelon rinds because I love them and make them every summer ( I am a canning dork). Anyway have fun and feel free to mix it up. Pomegranate Pork Belly 4-5 lbs pork belly skinned 1/2 cup rough chopped ginger 9 cloves garlic 1 star anise 1 tspn whole black pepper corns seeds of 1 pomegranate 1/2 tablespoon kosher salt 3 cups water 1Read More →

This is a wonderfully easy and healthy lunch. I used quail eggs since my Hubby bought me a couple of dozen (our version of flowers), but you can easily just use hen eggs. Enjoy!   1 can cannellini beans drained and rinsed 2 cloves garlic chopped handful parsley chopped olive oil salt pepper 2 chicken eggs or 6 quail eggs greens 4 oz cheddar cheese sliced thinly 1 small red onion sliced thinly 1 lemon In a frying pan over medium heat heat a couple of teaspoons of olive oil, add drained rinsed beans and garlic season with a couple of pinches of salt andRead More →

This recipe just makes you feel good when you eat it. Loaded with healthy ingredients and a snap to make. The scallops were from the night before when we had friends over (grown ups only and up past 10!) , you can make them for the sandwich or as two birds with one stone situation. Either way I’m sure you’ll love the bright flavors Green Chili Scallops 1 quart Sea Scallops 1 inch grated ginger 1 can Coconut Milk 3 tablespoons Green Thai Chili Pasta 2 tsp’s olive oil In a large saute pan over medium high heat add oil and add chili paste andRead More →